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This List updated
January 20, 2020


New Rack

Armsan RS-XS 12GA/3"/16" Black Synthetic Stock/Blued Bbl/ Pistol Grip $250.00  
Browning 15 Beauchamp GRC 12GA/28" Grade V Walnut Stock/Blued Bbl/ Silver Engraved Rec/Case $19,899.00
Product # Model Power Reticle REG $ SALE $
C480 NXS 2.5-10X42 LV Digill PTL 2039.99 1734.00
C481 NXS 2.5-10X42 MV Digill PTL 2039.99 1734.00
C482 NXS 2.5-10X42 HV Digill PTL 2039.99 1734.00
C464 NXS 1-4X24 FC 3G NVD PTL 1979.00 1683.00
C519 SHV 4-14X56 IHR  Non- Illuminated 1365.00 1160.00


Anschutz 1827 Fortner  22LR Biathlon -Red Thmbhole Stk/Stainless Bbl/ 4 Mag VG $3,500.00
Arminius HW5T - Prohibited 22LR Black Frame & Bbl/ Plastic Brown Grip Fair $139.00
Beretta M9A3 9mm FDE Slide & Grip/ Tan Frame & Bbl/ 3 Mag/ 2 Grips VG-EXC $1,069.00
Beretta 686 Special 12GA/29.5"  Wood stock/ Blued bbl/ Silver Engraved Receiver Good $799.00
Beretta Stampede 45 LC Nickel Frame & Barrel/ Wood Grip VG $589.00
Browning Hi Power 9mm Black Frame & Slide/ Black Grip Good $899.00
Browning BM Field Target 22LR Blued Frame & Bbl/ Red Laminate Grip/ Rail Good $499.00
Browning Buck Mark 22LR Black Frame/ Stainless Bbl/ Black Grip VG $449.00
Browning Abolt ll - LEFT HAND 7 RmMg Black Synthetic Stock/ Stainless Bbl/ Bushnell Elite 3-9X40 G-VG $899.00
Browning 2 Shot Automatic 12ga/26"/2 3/4 Wd Stk/ Short Butt Stk/Bld Bbl/ Silver Rec/Vent Rib/ Imp Cy Choke Good $489.00
Browning X-Bolt Stainless Stalker 223 Rem Black Duratouch Stk/Stnlss Bbl/ DM/ Blued Rings Good $889.00
Browning BPS 10Ga/28" /3.5" Mossy Oak Blaze Stock & Barrel Fair $629.00
Browning SA-22 22LR Wood Stock/ Blued Bbl G-VG $649.00
Browning X-Bolt Medallion 300 WnMg Wood Stock/ Blued Bbl/ DM/ Rings Fair $699.00
CIL Mdl 607 12GA/30"/3" Wood Stock/ Blued Bbl Fair $279.00
CZ 452-2E KZM American 22LR Wood Stock/ Blued Bbl G-VG $489.00
FN-Prohib 12-3 FAL 7.62X51 Black Synthetic PG Stock/ Blued Bbl
Fn-Prohib  1A1 Indian Ishapore 7.62X51 Wood stock/Blued Bbl/ Open Sights $299.00
FN Sporter 30-06 Wood stock/Blued Bbl/ Open Sights Good $829.00
Franchi I-12 12Ga/28"/3" Advantage Max 4 Stock & Bbl Good $729.00
Glock  Mdl 22 40 S&W Black Frame & Slide/ Black Grip/ Night Sights Good $499.00
Glock  22SF 45 ACP Blued Frame/Slide/ Black Grip VG  $599.00
Henry H009 30-30 Win Wood Stock/ Blued Bbl/ Open sights G-VG $799.00
H&K  USP Compact 40 S&W Black Frame/Silver Slide/ Black Grip/ 4.25" Bbl/2 Mag VG $649.00
Husqvarna M38 Short 6.5X55 Wood Stock/ Blued Bbl Good $419.00
Husqvarna 30-06 Wood Stock/ Blued Bbl/ Open sights Good $649.00
Ithaca SKB Century Trap 12ga/34"/2 3/4 Wood Stk/ Blued Bbl/ Silver Engraved Rec/ Single Bbl VG-EXC $1,199.00
JC Higgins Mdl 50 30-06 Wood Stock/ Blued Bbl/ Open sights Good $629.00
Lamber Arms Super Lander O/U 12ga/ 29.5 Wood Stock/ Blued Bbl/ F-Good $799.00
Lee Enfield Mark 3 303 British Sporterized Wood stock/Blued Bbl Fair $289.00
Lee Enfield No 3 303 British Sporterized Wood stock/Blued Bbl Fair $299.00
Lee Enfield #3 Mark 2 303 British Sporterized Wood stock/Blued Bbl Fair $299.00
Lee Enfield No 4 308 Win J.P Cibault Custom/ Parker Hale Hvy Blued Bbl/ PH-5C Sites, Anschutz Rail/ Sling/27.5" bbl $1,199.00
LLAMA Mdl XV- Prohibited 22LR Black Frame/Black Grip (12-6 License required ) F-Good $289.00
Marlin XT-22 22 MAG Black Synthetic Stk/Stnlss HB/Nikon 4-12X40 scope Good $429.00
Marlin XT-22 22 Mag Black Synthetic/Blued Bbl/ Tube Feed/ Huntshield 4-12X40 Scope F-Good $319.00
Marlin 1895G  45-70 Govt Wood Stock/Blued Bbl/ Ported- Preowned & Unfired VG-EXC $895.00
Norinco M1911A1 45 ACP Black Frame/ Slide/ Grip  - 2 Mags Good $299.00
Nosler M48 26 Nosler Grey w/ Black Web Stk/Blued Bbl/ Bases G-VG $1,299.00
Remington 700 SPS Varmint 204 Ruger Black Synthetic Stock/ Blued HB Good $619.00
Remington 1100- The Chesapeake 12GA/3"/30" Wd Stk/ Blued bbl/ Brass Waterfowl Plate- DU Atlantic Edition VG $899.00
Ruger Super Red Hawk 44 Mag Stainless Frame & Bbl/ Black Rubber Grip VG $1,049.00
Ruger New Model Single Six 22 Mag Black Barrel & Frame/ Wood Grip/ Open Sights Good $439.00
Ruger SR1911 45 ACP Stainless Frame & Slide/ Wood Grip/ 2 Mags VG $989.00
Ruger MK III Hunter 22LR Stainless Frame & Bbl/ Red Wood Grip VG $599.00
Ruger Single Six 22LR/ 22Mg Stainless Frame & Barrel/Wood Grip VG-EXC $899.00
Ruger Mark lV Target 22LR Black Frame, Barrel and Grip/ Green Optic sight EXC $549.00
Ruger  22/45 Lite 22LR Stainless Bbl/ Laminate Grip/ Blued Frame/ Rail EXC $429.00
Ruger Single Ten 22LR Stainless Frame & Barrel/Wood Grip VG-EXC $669.00
Ruger New Mdl Sup BlkHawk 44 Mag Bisley/Stainles Frame & Barrel/Wood Grip VG $949.00
Ruger New Model Black Hawk 45 Colt Blued Frame & Barrel/ Ivory grip with Eagle head VG-EXC $699.00
Ruger SP-101 357 Mag Stainless Frame & Barrel/ Black Grip VG-EXC $759.00
Savage Mdl 12PV 204 Ruger Black Synthetic Stock/Stainless HB/Weaver Silver Bases G-VG $1,089.00
Savage Mdl 12  Left Hand 204 Ruger Black Synthetic Stock/Blued Heavy Bbl/ Bases G-VG $469.00
Savage Mdl 12 Palma 308 Win Pepper Laminate/ Adj Comb/ Stainless HB/  VG-EXC $1,899.00
Savage 114 LEFT HAND 300 WnMg Wood Stock/ Blued Bbl/ Blued Rings & Bases/DM F-Good $659.00
Savage 110L  LEFT HAND 25-06 New Laminate unfinished Stock/ New Bbl/Basix Trigger VG $899.00
Savage A17 17 HMR Black Synthetic/Blued Bbl/ Accutrigger/ DM/ Bases VG $419.00
Savage Bmag 17 WSM Black Synthetic/Blued Bbl/ Accutrigger/ DM/ Bases Good $399.00
Sphinx SDP Compact 9mm Black Frame & Slide/ Black Grip/ 2 Mag/Back Strap EXC $999.00
Springfield Armry XD-40 Tactical 40 S&W Black Frame & Slide/ Black Grip/ 2 Mag VG $479.00
Springfield Armry XD-45 Tactical 45 ACP Black Frame & Grip/ Stainless Slide Good $549.00
S&W Mdl 686 357 Mag  Stainless Frame & Bbl/ Black Rubber Grip Good $719.00
S&W Mdl 617 22LR  Stainless Frame & Bbl/ Black Rubber Grip Good $699.00
S&W Mdl 29 44 Mag Black Frame & Barrrel/ Wood Grip EXC $1,199.00
S&W M&P 9 - Kit 9mm Black Frame, Slide and Grip EXC $519.00
TALA Extra 22LR Black Frame/ Black Grip Fair $295.00
Thompson Center System 1 Mzl Loader 32 Cal Wood Stock/Blued Bbl/Weaver Bases/Open sights Good $499.00
Thompson Center Prohunter Encore 204 Ruger Realtree Hardwood Stk/ Stainless Fluted Bbl/ Silver Rail VG $899.00
Walther P38 9mm Black Frame & Barrel/ Black Grip G-VG $799.00
Walther PPQ 9mm Black Frame & Slide/ Blk Grip/ Threaded Bbl/2 Mag/Grip Panel VG $569.00
Winchester Mdl 1200 20ga/28"/2  3/4 Woods Stock/Blued Bbl/Plain bbl/Win Choke VG $395.00
Winchester SXP 12GA/26"/3" Wood Stock/Blued Bbl/ 1 Full Choke G-VG $349.00
Winchester Mdl 12 12GA/28"/2 3/4 Wood Stock/Blued Bbl Fair $299.00
Winchester Mdl 70 Featherweight 30-06 Wood Stock / Blued Bbl VG-EXC $929.00
Winchester XPR 300 WinMag Black Synthetic Stock/ Blued Bbl/ Matte Bases G-VG $499.00
Winchester Mdl 94 Sioux Carbine 30-30 Win Woods Stock/ Blued Bbl/ Win Leather Fringed Scabbard/Brass Engraved Rec/ Brass Trigger guard VG $1,089.00
BRNO ZKK600 30-06   $700.00
Husqvrna Nitro 222 Rem   $600.00
Husqvrna Mdl 1600 30-06   $450.00
Husqvrna Mdl 1600 9.3X62   $695.00
Husqvrna FN98 9.3X62   $695.00
Husqvrna M98 9.3X62   $395.00
Husqvrna M96 9.3X57   $275.00
Khan Arms  KRX Tactical 12ga   $495.00
Parker Hale M98 30-06   $450.00
Swiss Arms SHR970 6.5X65 RWS   $1,295.00
Zastava M70 243 Win/9.3X62/6.5X55/30-06/7X57/300 WnMg   $695.00
Zastava M70 458 WnMg   $795.00
Zastava M85 223 Rem/7.62X39   $669.00


  Equinox Draw 225 lbs 350 FPS Realtree Camo $779.99 $599.00
  Votex Lite Draw 200 lbs 330 FPS Realtree Camo $1,069.99 $799.00
Bell 3-9X40 Gloss $40.00
Bushnell Pistol 2-6X32 Silver $125.00
Bushnell 3-9X32 Matte $35.00
Bushnell 3-9X32 Silver $35.00
Bushnell 3-9X40 Matte w/ Rings $50.00
Bushnell Banner 3-9X40 Matte $75.00
Bushnell 3-9X40 Silver $45.00
Leupold VX6 3-18X 50 Matte $1,299.00
Sig Sauer Whiskey3 3-9X40 Matte $185.00
Tasco Pronghorn 3-9X40 Matte $50.00
SAGE M14ALCS Chassis StockTo Fit Norinco and Springfield M1A/M14 Basic Black $1,199.00
SAGE M14ALCS Chassis Stock To Fit Norinco and Springfield M1A/M14 Tan $1,249.00

We use the NRA Standards for rating modern firearms. More details available here: NRA Standards

Please note: Prices quoted do not include GST/HST or Shipping. Availability and prices listed here are subject to change without notice. While we strive to maintain accuracy, we make no guarantees or promises regarding availability or pricing.