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This List updated
February 10, 2021


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New Rack

  455 Camp 22LR Wood Stk/Blued 20" bbl/DM/ Adjustable Stock $639.00 $569.00
  452 Farewell 22LR Wood stk/Blued Bbl/ Engraving on wood and barrel $1,019.00
  453 Varmint 22LR Wood stk/ Blued Hvy Bbl/ Set trigger $719.00
  FNS-40L 40 S&W Black Frame/ Stnlss Slide/ Black Grip- 3 Mag $629.00 $529.00
  FNX-45 45 ACP FDE Frame/Blued Slide/ FDE Grip -3 Mag $949.00 $819.00
  FNX-45 45 ACP FDE Frame- Slide-Grip/ Night Sights/ Thrd Bbl/Optic Ready/Soft Case- 3 Mags $1,625.00 $1,499.00
  FNX 45T 45 ACP Black Frame-Slide-Grip/Vortex Venom Night sights/Soft Cae - 2 Mag $1,749.00 $1,599.00
  FNS-9 9MM Black Frame- Slide - Grip -3 Mag $775.00 $675.00
  FN509 9MM Black Frame- Slide - Grip / Soft case -3 Mag $749.00 $649.00
  FN509 Tact 9MM FDE Frame- Slide - Grip/Night Sights/ Threaded Bbl/ Soft Case/ 2 Mag $1,185.00 $1,069.00
  FNS-9L 9MM Black Frame- Stainless Slide- Black Grip - 3 Mag $629.00 $529.00
  Five -Seven 5.7x28 Black Frame- Slide - Grip -3 Mag $1,935.00 $1,889.00
  700 SPS Camo Compact 243 Win MOBU Infinity Stk/Blued Bbl $795.00 $679.00
REMINGTON 700 200th Anniversary 7 RmMg Gr C Walnut/Fleur de Lis Checkering/Gold Engraving, Medallion in stock $2,529.00
  Seven Synthetic-Compact 243 Win/7mm-08 Black Synthetic Stk/Blued 18" Bbl $835.00 $629.00
  American Rimfire 22LR Wood Stk/Blued Bbl/ Williams Sights $605.00 $559.00
  Vanguard Weatherguard DM 30-06 Black w/grey overmolds/ Grey Cerakote Bbl/DM $839.00 $739.00


Arminius HW5T - Prohibited 22LR Black Frame & Bbl/ Plastic Brown Grip Fair $139.00
Boito  SXS 12GA/30"/3" Wood Stock/Blued Bbl Fair $359.00
Browning Hi Power 9mm Black Frame & Slide/ Black Grip Good $899.00
Browning Mdl 2000 12GA-30"-3" Woods Stock/Blued Bbl Good $699.00
Browning A-Bolt M1000 Eclipse 300 WnMg Brw-Gry Lam Thumbhole stk/Blued Hvy bbl/Bases Good $799.00
Henry H001T 22LR Wood Stock/Blued Octagon Bbl/Hammer extention/ Open sights Good $449.00
Interarms Virginian Dragoon 45 Colt Black Barrel/ Case Harden Receiver/ Wood Grip VG $949.00
Lee Enfield No 4 308 Win J.P Cibault Custom/ Parker Hale Hvy Blued Bbl/ PH-5C Sites, Anschutz Rail/ Sling/27.5" bbl $1,199.00
LLAMA Mdl XV- Prohibited 22LR Black Frame/Black Grip (12-6 License required ) F-Good $289.00


1914 Artillery DWM Circa 1918 9mm With matching wood shoulder stock and holster 8" bbl, Bore shows some pitting.   $4,999.00
Remington 700 Tactical 308 Win Blk Thumbhole Syn Stk/Blued Fluted Bbl/Adj comb/ Rail/ Bi-pod PRICE REDUCED G-VG $1,499.00
Remington 700 ADL 7 Rem Mag Black Synthetic/Blued Bbl  Preowned-Unfired EXC $499.00
Remington Mdl SEVEN 223 Rem Black Synthetic/ Stainless Bbl/ Rings G-VG $669.00
Remington 870 Tactical 12GA/18.5/3.5" Black Synthetic/Blued Bbl/Rail G-VG $589.00
Remington 11-87 Premier 12GA/28"/3" Wood Stock /Blued Bbl VG $799.00
Ruger New Model Single Six 22 Mag Black Barrel & Frame/ Wood Grip/ Open Sights Good $439.00
Ruger SP-01 22LR SS Frame & Bbl/Rubber w/wood insert Grip/Pre-owned  Unfired EXC $889.00
Ruger Precision 243 Win Blk Stk/Blued Bb/ PG/ Keymode Forend/ Adj Buttstock/ Pictny Rail  VG $1,399.00
Ruger Precision 308 Win Blk Stk/Blued Bb/ PG/ Keymode Forend/ Adj Buttstock/ Pictny Rail  VG $1,399.00
Sako 85M 30-06 Wood Stock/ Blued Bbl / Rings VG $1,799.00
Savage Mdl 12 Palma 308 Win Pepper Laminate/ Adj Comb/ Stainless HB/  VG-EXC $1,899.00
Savage Mdl 12  22-250 Brwn Lam Thumbhole Stk/Stainless Fluted Bbl/ Rail/ DM VG   $969.00
Smith & Wesson 52-2 38 Spl Mid Range Blued Frame & Slide/ Wood Grip VG $1,899.00
Smith & Wesson M&P 40 40 S&W Black Frame-Slide- Grip/ Range Kit  VG $439.00
Sphinx SDP Compact 9mm Black Frame & Slide/ Black Grip/ 2 Mag/Back Strap EXC $999.00
Stoeger Coachgun SXS 20GA/20" Wood Stock/Stainless Bbl Good $439.00
TALA Extra 22LR Black Frame/ Black Grip Fair $295.00
Tradition Flintlock 50 Cal Wood Straight Stock/ Blued Octagon HB/ Open Sights/ Sling Good $379.00
Weatherby Mark V Left Hand 300 Wby Black w/ white web/ Fluted Stainless Bbl/ Mounts  EXC $1,989.00
Weatherby Mark V Accumark 338-378 Wby Black Synthetic w/white web/ Stainless w/Black Flutes/ Brake G-VG $1,989.00
Winchester 64 Deluxe 30-30 Win Wood Stock/Blued bbl/ Receiver Sight/ Leather sling Good $1,399.00


  Equinox Draw 225 lbs 350 FPS Realtree Camo $779.99 $599.00
SAGE M14ALCS Chassis StockTo Fit Norinco and Springfield M1A/M14 Basic Black $1,199.00
SAGE M14ALCS Chassis Stock To Fit Norinco and Springfield M1A/M14 Tan $1,249.00

We use the NRA Standards for rating modern firearms. More details available here: NRA Standards

Please note: Prices quoted do not include GST/HST or Shipping. Availability and prices listed here are subject to change without notice. While we strive to maintain accuracy, we make no guarantees or promises regarding availability or pricing.